I believe it would be the greatest understatement of the year when I say that I, and approximately 90,000 other individuals, have eagerly looked forward to either of two weekends in the month of April. The constant hunt for Coachella outfits and the rigorous workouts and dieting for the #coachelladiet were all worth it in the end, if I do say so myself. To sum it all up, my three days in Indio, CA were probably one of the best days I have lived during my 26 years, and I have now made it a tradition to attend Coachella every year.

If you’re a fan of music and enjoy being surrounded by others who enjoy music, then I urge you to go to Coachella at least one year. I feel like it should be an item on everyone’s bucket list. I even had a friend who was ambivalent about attending initially, and as he was leaving the fields on the third day, he told me that he had wished Coachella would never end.

Seeing how it was my first year attending, no amount of research of reading and hearing about other people’s experiences will prepare you for the experience. Thus, I have compiled a list of recommendations for this event, which hopefully can enlighten you guys:

  1. Make sure you find someone to help you wear the wristband because once it’s worn it’s impossible to remove without the assistance of a pair of scissors, and once the wristband has been tampered with, you will no longer be able to attend the event. Find a friend who can adjust the wristband comfortably for you because you will be living, breathing, and showering with it for the course of 3 days at the minimum.
  2. Don’t try to hang out with all of your friends. Ideally, you want to stick around with 2-3 people who have very similar taste in music as you do and hold onto them for dear life. There is practically no reception. There were rumors that on the 1st day Instagram shut down due to all of the Coachella participants utilizing the app simultaneously (oops – I’m guilty as charged.) Therefore, coordinating to meet up with anyone is a mission impossible, which I wish you the best of luck if you attempt to do so. I even thought Coachella might be a great idea for you to attend with your significant other. If you’re dating someone who has similar interest in music and enjoy the care-free lifestyle, it can be a romantic adventure you both can embark on.
  3. Girls – wear comfortable shoes. Terribly fixated on contributing to the Coachella fashion, I made the mistake of wearing slightly heeled sandals on the first day. I think I was just high off of life to ward off the pain for a bit, but after 10 hours of running/jumping around, my feet gave up on me and I had to walk around barefoot for the last remaining moments of the 1st day. I highly recommend closed-toe shoes, esp. because sand will attack your feet if you were to wear sandals and your feet will be impossible to clean by the end of the night.
  4. Don’t just go watch the shows but EXPLORE Coachella. They have numerous art installations (the astronaut was big this year) which you should take advantage taking photos of and appreciating its creativity. There are activities such as yoga (if you get there early enough), silent disco parties, H&M makeup parties, and other cool opportunities you should seize. Music is great but you’re only there for 3 days! You should try to soak up as much of Coachella as possible during your stay there. They even have a boutique shop with Coachella paraphernalia. I really wanted the beach towel but they sold out in seconds! All in all, I highly recommend exploring every inch of that field if you can!
  5. Don’t bring water bottles. Just buy water each time you get thirsty. I know – it sounds expensive and absurd, but in all honestly, it really isn’t. A cold, icy water bottle will cost $2 a piece and under the scorching sun, it is not worth it to be waiting in an excessively long line that provides lukewarm, “filtered” water to re-fill the water bottle which you will eventually get exhausted of carrying around all day long. Also, the lines to buy water are exponentially shorter.
  6. Bring a scarf/light jacket because at night it does get extremely windy/cold (after all, we are in the desert.) Saturday night was the coldest for those who attended Weekend 1, so some of my friends actually left the venue early, which to me is just absolutely absurd. MAN UP. This only happens once a year – how could you just abandon it due to unfavorable weather conditions?? Don’t be foolish like my friends. Bring a scarf or a light jacket to keep you warm…OR just find another hot human body to keep you warm 😉



PS –

I want to give a warm shout-out to one of the kindest female attendee that I was so fortunate enough to have met. During Pharrell’s performance, I got a little too excited and danced to the point where my phone fell out of my overall pockets. I only realized that my phone was missing probably within the next 20 minutes and entered a state of panic. There was just absolutely no hope for me, and without my phone, I had no access to two things: all the glorious photos I had taken earlier that day and the contact info of my friends whom I was staying with. So my friend, A.L, and I split up to look for my phone, and all of a sudden, I hear him shouting my name. I run over, and a young angel disguised in the form a cute female in her 20’s asks me what color my phone is. I respond immediately it’s a gold i-phone, and within seconds, she pulls out my phone from her bag. She told me she found it on the ground and was going to turn it to the Lost-and-Found! BLESS HER SOUL! I gave her the biggest bear hug I could and even to this day, I am so grateful towards her. To the kindest female I met during the Pharrell performance inside the beer garden, you will only have good fortunate and luck thanks to your altruistic nature. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤



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